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We're passionate about Real Estate

We are an asset backed real estate marketplace. We find distressed properties and vacant lots and redevelop them into A+ class buildings, allowing our signature brands of commercial and residential single-family real estate to bring new street appeal.

Our unique approach in the real estate marketplace is to partner with a team of experienced developer and construction companies to help bring our project and vision from concept to completion. Once completed, we upload the property or properties to our real estate marketplace allowing consumers to directly purchase or lease our residential and commercial space with fiat currency or SYBC Coins on our platform. Our design goals are to complement and enhance each resident's lifestyle perfectly with lavish perks and bespoke experiences designed exclusively for residents. Each an every request is fulfilled with an unparalleled attention to detail while providing personalized, incomparable service time and time again.
Home buyers will benefit greatly from being a SYBC Token Holder.

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Custom Design Homes

Elegant homes for elegant men & women.


 We Design beautiful ultra first class living spaces. Whether your in a custom home on your own lot, or in one of our master planned community districts. Resident of our community districts receives top priority living. Our lifestyle program is design for professionals and working class citizens.


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