Cliff House


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PRICE $285,000
Cliff is a modular house perfect for accommodation for friends and family members overnight. It also can successfully be used to accommodate larger groups of people in ski-resorts or rent the units out in Airbnb, or as a private lake-house for a romantic weekends. These modular houses are suitable in different climate areas all around the world. The idea of a Cliff is to offer more space with smaller measurements of the building with taking advantage of a smart-home technology for a more eco-friendly approach.

The concept is developed by our manufacture in a cooperation with different customers to achieve the best outcome that is practical, beautiful and smart.
It has a high-end interior and exterior choose of materials and solutions, however, it can be altered to meet the needs and expectations of any customer to have it standard and contemporary.

• Living room with an open kitchen and dining area
• Net/gross area: 73,9/77,6 m2
• 3 bedrooms
• 1 bathroom with sauna or bath
• Internal and external storage
• Big terrace 64,6 m2
• Height 3,38 m
• Weight 22 t