SYBC Tokens: Offering Millenials The Right Opportunity To Buy In Luxurious Real Estate Without Financial Burdens


Buying homes through the traditional methods involves a lot of hidden costs. Firstly, the buyers have to a pay 20% down payment which is $60,000 even for a modest $300,000 home. Over and above this, buyers need to shell out anywhere between 2-5% as agent costs or closing costs.

The traditional real estate market has exploded over the last decade with property costs surging magnificently higher. The major barrier to entry in owning a home, or any other real estate for that sake, has been the massive down-payment costs.

This has crushed the aspirations and dreams of millennials to buy homes early in their life. As a result, many have considered pushing their plans in the future.

However, the same problem even persists among the "baby-boomer" generation. The highly inflated prices of real estate are way beyond the savings done by baby-boomers to buy a dream house of their own and retire at peace.